Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is there a man in the house?

There is a sharp contrast that goes unnoticed. That statement might seem like an oxymoron, because after all, how can a sharp contrast go unnoticed?
It can.
The contrast is this--male actors from the 30’s and 40’s compared to  male actors of our present century.
In the video below are pictures of actors from the 30’s and 40’s, preceded by their baby photos.
The words i would use to describe these men, even if i didn’t find them particularly attractive, are masculine, tailored, and chivalrous.  They look intelligent, successful and confident, a few are dark and bad to the bone--yet suave, some appear to be having way to much fun in black and white. They are all strikingly  masculine have a clean cut well groomed appearance, could take command and would never worry about chipping a nail.

Now that you have see the previous video, take a look at this next one.

These are more recent actors, as is obvious.
Here are a few things i found especially interesting about this video.
First of all, are all men nowadays trying to appear feminine? Did i not get the memo?
I guess i must have gotten lost in the transition. From the poses these men are striking, to the bare chested, to the ear rings and the common Beiber hairstyle (anyone else notice that 60% of them have the same hair?) these guys are just too...girly.
Second, who made this video? Some of these actors are still in their early teens! If an adult woman made this video, that’s just creepy. Even worse if a young girl made this video, since some of the actors shown are in their 30s and early 40s, i must question her attraction to a feminine father figure.
Who makes a ‘25 hottest guys’ list, anyway? I thought only end of year issues of ‘People’ magazine did that.
Don’t get me wrong, many of the actors of today have lots of talent, but that doesn’t change how they are trying to look. If in their plan of how to set their style, feminine qualities are not the aim, then shouldn't’ they try a little bit harder to look manly? An objective viewer who  looks at any one of these guys will recognize that they are working hard to appear cute and pretty. The pictures reveal men and boys that look more like a silly femme fatale,  posing and parading to drive their victims into screaming hysteria most especially and pitifully among their victims are  women twice their age.
Our current society is confused, to say the least. Women need to regain their proper role, and guys, man up.


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