Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About Us...

A native of California, the 18 year old home educated, Church going, knife throwing, future doctor and creator of ‘Erecti Moriamur’, Galilee, enjoys movies, studies science, plays in the rain, slurps black coffee, hardcore road trips, swims in the sea, admires sports cars, reads Saint Augustine, reprimands pickpockets, practices spiritual bounty hunting, critiques theater, fingers red rosary beads, bakes up a storm, glides in socks on slick hardwood, rocks to 80’s music, dreams of time travel, is an armature artist, prays to the martyrs, tours museums, is an urban spelunker, worships in cathedrals, reads old books, pickets for Life, recites rhetoric, and hugs a platypus named ‘Sting’.


As her name denotes, the 16 year old from Illinois, will have you under her enchantment in no time. She is best known for her love of literature, poetry, theatre, music, philosophy, theology, quotations, world travel, culinary arts, writing, operas, history, platypi, Earl Grey tea, Beethoven, scarves, owls, and popcorn. She is also known for rocking out to opera, being an art snob, and laughing at inappropriate times.

A 17 year old who dwells in California, enjoys music (especially bagpipes), guitar, and Gregorian chant/English choral tradition, composer Edward Bairstow, rugby, philosophy, and history.

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  1. These are pretty much the spiffiest girls you'll ever meet.